Thursday, October 16, 2008

Death Star Trooper (Imperial Elite Trooper)

Death Star Troopers gained their name because they were first used to man critical stations aboard the Death Star. They later served in many other functions, including ground combat roles.

Parts: Head (Death Star Trooper), Torso (Grand Moff Tarkin), Arms (Grand Moff Tarkin), Gloves (AT-ST Driver), Legs (Grand Moff Tarkin), Blaster Rifle (POTJ Sandtrooper).

Supplies: X-acto knife, file, super glue, needle, brushes, Testors paints and Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: Photo stills from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Step One: I used the X-acto knife and a file to shave off the rank insignia and the code cylinders from the figure's chest.

Step Two: I removed the Grand Moff Tarkin head and replaced it with a Death Star Trooper head cast that I obtained from FF member David Hannebohn (thanks Gramps).

Step Three: I cut off the Tarkin arms a bit below the elbows and then super glued the AT-ST Driver gloves in their place.

Step Four: The entire uniform was painted black. The tiny Imperial insignias were painted on each shoulder using a needle. The belt buckle was painted silver.

Step Five: Finally, I applied a light coat of Testors Dull-Cote to seal the paint and reduce shine.

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