Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CT99 / 21-8712 Lieutenant Slash (ARC Trooper)

Created early in the war, ARC troopers wore a more advanced and versatile version of the Phase I armor, along with command pauldrons and kamas. They commonly had a periscope rangefinder attachment on the right temple of their helmets. With the development of the newer Phase II armor, many also adopted the macrobinocular helmet attachment. While each mission profile required a different loadout, ARC troopers were commonly armed with the WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle, DC-15 blaster rifles, DC-17 hand blasters, and frag and reverse-polarity pulse grenades. When heavier firepower was required, ARCs donned specialized armor to bear the weight of reciprocating quad blasters, PLX-1 missile launchers, or Z-6 rotary blaster cannons. Many individual ARC Troopers also had bandoliers and pouches for extra equipment, such as EMP grenades and extra ammunition. ARCs received training that gave them access to vehicles which usually required a specialized clone trooper to operate. To enhance ground range and mobility, ARCs made use of the BARC speeder, named for the Biker Advanced Recon Commandos who used it. For small squad operations, Advanced Recon Commando pilots piloted LAAT/i gunships to drop units behind enemy lines. Advanced Recon Commando heavy gunners used heavy weapons. One of many selected from the ranks to replace heavy ARC Trooper losses early in the war, CT99 / 21-8712, also known as "Slash", is now an ARC Lieutenant of the Special Operations Division of the Grand Army of the Republic. He is often assigned to Commander Gree's 41st Elite Legion and has modified his armor for the environments they most often operate in.

Parts: Head (ROTS Clone Commander), Torso (ROTS Clone Commander), Arms (ROTS Clone Commander), Legs (ROTS Clone Commander), Equipment Belt & Holster (ROTS Clone Commander), Macrobinocular Helmet Attachment (ROTS Clone Commander), Blaster Pistol (ROTS Clone Commander), Blaster Rifle (ROTS Clone Commander).

Supplies: X-acto knife, brushes, Polly Scale paints and Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: None, this character is entirely fan-fic.

Step One: The basic figure was not changed. I used an x-acto knife to trim away the kama and one of the holsters, leaving the figure with one holster and the webbing straps that attached it to his equipment belt. The pistol can still be removed from the holster, if desired.

Step Two: The rest of the figure was a simple matter of devising a camouflage paint scheme. Because the character is supposed to be assigned to the 41st Elite Legion, I wanted it to be similar to Commander Gree's paint scheme, but different enough so that he did not look like a second Gree figure. After painting, I used an x-acto knife to scrape the prominent edges of the armor, simulating the general wear and tear that can be found in all military equipment.

Step Three: A coat of Testors Dull-Cote was applied to protect the paint and reduce the shiny appearance of the armor.

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