Monday, October 13, 2008

Diorama: Showdown aboard the Arc Hammer

This diorama recreates the final level from the PC game Dark Forces, where Kyle Katarn confronts General Rom Mohc aboard the Imperial ship Arc Hammer. For this project, I used the base from my Orinackra diorama. It consisted of a plywood base with the bunker portion of the Endor Attack playset attached. The base piece from the Skiff Guards cinema scene serves as a walkway and railing in front of the bunker doors. The stormtrooper figures were also taken from my Orinackra diorama. They have all been repositioned to appear slumped or sprawled after having been shot. Blaster burns and holes have been added to them all. The Kyle Katarn and General Mohc figures were made specifically for this diorama. The control box on the right side of the diorama is the control panel to the doors behind Mohc (it was also taken from the Orinackra diorama). To make it, I had made slight modifications to the launching backpack that came with the Episode One Sith Accessory set. It was then glued in place, next to the doors. Once the diorama was finished, the entire thing received many washes and a liberal coat of Testors Dull-Cote.

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