Monday, October 6, 2008

Kam Solusar (Human Jedi Knight)

Kam Solusar was the first Jedi Knight that Luke Skywalker encountered in his quest to re-establish the Jedi Order. Kam had been the apprentice of his father, a Jedi Master who was killed by Darth Vader. Kam was instrumental in the final battles against Emperor Palpatine.

Parts: Head (Jedi Duel Obi-Wan Kenobi), Torso (Cantina Han Solo), Upper Arms (Dark Empire Luke Skywalker), Lower Arms (Cantina Han Solo), Legs (Cantina Han Solo), Boots (Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker), Coat (Dark Empire Luke Skywalker), Blaster (Dark Empire Luke Skywalker), Lightsaber (Jedi Duel Obi-Wan Kenobi).

Supplies: X-acto knife, Super Sculpey, file or emery board, super glue, brushes, Testors paints and Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: Dark Horse's Dark Empire II comics or Empire's End comics.

Step One: I assembled the parts using the boiling water method (the Dark Empire Luke arms were used for this step).

Step Two: Next, I sanded down the hair to give the appearance of a very close cropped crew-cut.

Step Three: Using the X-acto knife, I carefully cut off the arms below the shoulder. I cut the Cantina Han arms to match and glue them in place.

Step Four: Next I carefully cut off the Cantina Han boots and glued the Jedi Luke boots on. I had to be very careful with the glue so that I didn't glue the knee joints in place.

Step Five: I cut the cloak from Dark Empire Luke to the length necessary for it to be a jacket. Then, I put the jacket on the figure.

Step Six: I sculpted the belt pouches with Super Sculpey and cured using the boiling water method. Then, I glued the pouches to the front of Kam's hips. Again, I had to be careful not to interfere with the movement of his legs.

Step Seven: I painted the figure according to the reference pictures.

Step Eight: Finally, I applied a coat of Testors Dull-Cote to protect the paint and remove the shiny appearance.

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