Friday, October 3, 2008

Norob Weldorn (Ithorian Bounty Hunter)

Like most Ithorians, Norob Weldorn has a deep connection with nature. He spent most of his life operating a small floral shop on one of the middle levels of Coruscant. In 21 BBY, Separatist terrorist cell began operating on Coruscant, conducting bombings of Republic military targets. All too often, civillians were included in the collateral damage. During one such bombing, Norob's shop was destroyed and he was badly injured. He was among the first evacuated from the scene and his life was saved, although he lost his right eye and most of his right arm. Both were replaced by prosthetic devices which greatly enhanced his vision and his strength. Additionally, much of the massive internal damage was repaired by use of cybernetic parts and organs. Unfortunately, these physical changes left Norob feeling more like a droid than an Ithorian and he slipped into a deep depression. Only after witnessing the apprehension of a particularly vile local criminal by bounty hunters, did he seize upon a way to put his new body and abilities to good use. Upgrading his normal prosthetics to those more suited for combat, Norob began his new career as a bounty hunter, taking only contracts for the most villianous of perpetrators in an effort to do his small part in making the galaxy a better place.

Parts: Head (vintage Hammerhead), Torso (Space Force Alien), Arms (Space Force Alien), Left Hand (vintage Hammerhead), Upper Legs (Space Force Alien), Lower Legs & Feet (vintage Hammerhead), Blaster (Custom Build), Knife & Scabbard (Resident Evil figure), Force Pike (Jabba's Skiff Guards).
Supplies: Dremel, X-acto knife, file or emery board, super glue, paintbrushes, Polly Scale paints and Testors Dull-Cote.

Reference: None. This figure is entirely fan-fic and was created as a background character for a diorama.

Step One: First, I carefully cut off the Alien head, feet and left hand. I then used the Dremel to hollow out the neck hole, the legs and left wrist of the environment suit. The new hand and feet were super glued in place, it appeared as though they were emerging from the bulky environment suit. The head was likewise super glued in place.

Step Two: Next, I cut a small piece of tubing to make a ring-like holder for the force pike. I super glued the holder to the back of Norob's left shoulder. The pommel of the force pike had to be cut off so that it would slide easily out of the holder. When the force pike is in the holder, it appears as though he can reach over his shoulder and draw the weapon for quick action.

Step Three: For Norob's cybernetic eye, I used the Dremel to make a very shallow hollow. The new eye was made from the pommel that had been cut from the force pike abd then super glued in place.

Step Four: I super glued the scabbard to the left leg, so that it appeared to be attached to the existing leg straps. I made the mechanical hand blaster from one of the small silver Episode One Queen Amidala blasters and super glued it to the back of the mechanical hand.

Step Five: The blaster rifle was a custom job. I used a rifle from one of the blue Senate Guards as the base. I cut off the existing sling and the stock. I made the optics assembly from the blaster I had surgically removed from my son's Galactic Heroes Han Solo. I hollowed the underside of the optics assembly so that it fit snugly over the top of the rifle. A dab of super glue then held it in place. The new sling was cut from a small piece of plastic packaging tab and then super glued in place.

Step Six: I left some of the original paint-job as it was to simulate the environment suit. All of the armor, the straps and the life support hoses were repainted. I added some detail to his weapons, as well.

Step Seven: I applied a coat of Testors Dull-Cote to seal the paint and remove the shine.

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