Monday, October 13, 2008

Diorama: Shalo's Cantina on Tatooine

This diorama was a joint project that my wife and I both worked on. It re-creates the sequence in the New Jedi Order novel Edge of Victory II: Rebirth, where Han Solo and his son, Jacen meet with the smuggler Shalo in search of some information. Fortunately for the Solos, they planned for Shalo's double-crossing nature and had plenty of back-up in place. In this scene, the Solos are sitting on the left side of the table and Shalo is on the right side. Jacen's lightsaber blade is projecting through the table and is pointed at Shalo's throat. Talon Karrde, Shada D'ukal and H'sishi are standing behind Shalo with their blasters drawn, ready to take him into custody. Moments later, Shalo's thugs begin blasting and the situation deteriorates rapidly. We began with a a plywood base, as usual. The background wall was attached and the bar was built using scrap wood. The bar and the raised flooring to the right of it add to the stability of the background wall. At this point, we reinforced everything with wood glue. Once the glue was dry, we began painting. The floor was spray-painted a dark concrete color. The walls were painted a very light tan color. While still wet, the walls and floor were sprinkled with very fine sand to give them a sandy texture. The tables and most of the chairs were made from small pieces of wood. The rest of the chairs were "borrowed" from various figures and playsets. All of the tables and chairs were painted metallic black. The table tops were painted very light grey, and then "dirtied up" a bit. The chair cushions were painted various colors and weathered to look like dirty cloth. When finished, the entire diorama was sprayed with Testor's Dull-Cote. This was the first time we had worked together on something this big, and we had a great time doing it!

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